Summer 2022


My daughter, Louise Ida, was born May 27th. My wife went for her last prenatal visit and next thing you know we were told to go straight to the hospital and later that day we had our little baby girl. Everyone was fine as it turned out.

So life has been very eventful this summer. It has been the happiest time. Happier than I could have imagined, but it is hard let me tell you. Like the lack of sleep those first few months is very real. And the dishes! So many bottles and little things you need little brushes to wash. But it's all worth it. Soon she'll be laughing and that's really cool. I can't wait for that. And now the sleepless nights seem like distant memories, because luckily now she sleeps through the night.

Watching, Listening, Reading

I caught up on What We Do In the Shadows. Probably my favorite comedy ever. My wife and I watched the latest Stranger Things. It was excellent. And we've been watching the Hobbit movies. I think I didn't like them when they came out, but they're good. Also watching Rings of Power. It's great. And there are other things I'm forgetting I'm sure, but one of the biggest highlights recently was watching Sandman. I never read the comic or graphic novel or whatever, but wow was that good.

Not much new music, but we did get a subscription to SiriusXM, and I listen to a lot of Lithium when I'm in the car, which isn't a lot, but it is a joy when I am.

Have not read at all. I want to change that this fall. I'll be on paternity leave so maybe I'll be able to while the baby naps.

More to come

Hey I wrote my second one of these. Just barely made it in on time, but I kept the series alive.