Spring 2022


I'm about to be a father for the first time. My daughter is due in June. There are a million things I need to do still, but I'm feeling mostly ready. For example, we still do not have a name, but we have a list of possible names. Also, installing the car seat was easy, but I should get it checked just to be sure I did it correctly.

Watching, Listening, Reading

I was watching Picard, and now I'm watching Strange New Worlds. I want to watch all the new trek, but have limited time, and have to choose. I loved most of Picard. Strange New Worlds seems like it should be mostly episodic, which I prefer and I'm loving the retro feel of everything. I'm only one episode in though.

Listening to SoundCloud. One of My Morning Jacket's newer album on repeat mostly. Also Lord Huron. I deleted Spotify, so I'm very much still just finding stuff I remember.

As far as reading goes when I'm not reading a baby book, I'm trying to get through the newish The Last King of Osten Ard trilogy by Tad Williams, but embarrassingly have not picked it up in months. It's good, but I just am terrible at reading these days for various reasons.

More to come

That's it for now. I want to write one of these every season. It will get me writing more at the very least.